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28 May 2018



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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 15 Feb 2012

When you have important information displayed on your screen that you don't want to forget or if you want to send a bug report regarding an application to the technical department, a screen capture is a very good idea. The Windows operating system allows capturing the desktop using the Print Screen button on the keyboard but that's a time consuming and difficult method, because only the complete desktop can be captured and not a certain area of it and also the captured image is saved into clipboard and not as a file. Fortunately, there's an alternative to this and that's HyperSnap. It's a software that does what the Windows capturing utility doesn't do, it captures only a region of the desktop or an active window and can also save the result as an image file, directly.

The software installs in a very short time and doesn't require much effort from the user to complete this. It can run on most versions of Windows, ranging from XP to Windows 7. Besides that, it doesn't install any adware or toolbars into the system and takes up little hard disk space and little system resources.

The interface of HyperSnap resembles the one of most Windows 7 applications. It has a nice graphical aspect and all the options and commands are easy to get to. The classical drop down menu has been replaced with a menu based on tabs, each of them containing specific options. The Capture tab allows capturing the desktop, a certain area of it or just an active window. The number of capturing settings is quite impressive and also shortcut keys can be set for taking a screenshot. HyperSnap also supports taking shots of games or any other DirectX application.

After the capturing process is over, the user can thoroughly customize the resulting image. Thus, he can add different shapes and arrows to the image to highlight certain elements and can also paint over the image and add text. HyperSnap can also edit an image, allowing the user to change the brightness and contrast, crop an area of it, resize or apply different effects to it. Any graphical image can be edited, not just screenshots, turning HyperSnap into an efficient image editor, which surpasses the default image editor included in Windows.

The number of image file types supported by HyperSnap is quite impressive and ranges from BPM, JPG or GIF to PDF. Images that have been captured or edited can be saved as an image file, can be directly uploaded using FTP or can be printed.


It can capture different areas of the screen. It also allows adding different elements to the images and also editing them. It supports a large number of image formats.


The large number of options may confuse a first time user. Besides that, the trial version displays a couple of watermarks on the captured image. HyperSnap is the best program for capturing the desktop in any way you want.



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HyperSnap has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 15 Feb 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated HyperSnap 4 out of 5 stars, naming it Excellent


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